This page contains some articles of my blog, which I have translated into English.
The only purpose is to improve my English skills.

Tegernseer Höhenweg

The Tegernseer Höhenweg is a real nice hiking track from Gmund/Gasse to Tegernsee. Sebastian and I started our walking-tour in light snowfall from the parking lot in Gasse. The snowfall was light and dry, so it was no problem.

The way leads along the Lake Tegernsee and offers many beautiful views of the lake and its surroundings. After a few ups and downs, we reached the crossroads to Tegernsee in about one hour. We walked down to the train station, passed a train of the „Bayerischen Oberlandbahn“, from which passengers were disembarking. The way continues downhill into the “Bahnhofstrasse” and after a short time we reached our aim, the “ Herzogliche Bräustüberl Tegernsee”, which is situated directly on the bank of the Lake Tegernsee.

We stopped for a bite to eat at the Bräustüberl, which was packed almost to the last seat. There were two places available at one of the many tables and we sat down among the other guests. Sebastian ordered a „halbe Schweinshax’n knusprig gebraten, ofenfrisch serviert, mit Kartoffel-Gurkensalat” (half a roasted pork leg crisply grilled, served sizzling hot with a potato-cucumber salad), I opted for the “Kalbslüngerl sauer mit Semmelknödl” (sour lungs with dumplings) and of course a good beer. It didn’t take long until the food was served and everything tasted delicious. We had also brought a mighty appetite with us.

After dinner, we made our way back, although we would have preferred a sofa to have a kip on, but after a short hike, we regained our energy and after another one and a half hours we reached the car tired, but satisfied.


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