About eating a fruit.

I strolled over to the local market in my village Yesterday. At one market stand I saw it; that wonderfully brightly shining apple. I considered the situation. Should I buy it or not?  I carefully asked about the price. Hmmm, not too expensive. And it looked so wonderful. I decided to buy it. The salesman very carefully wrapped it in brown paper, taking care not to handle it too hard. After I had handed over the money, I put into in my bag.

When I arrived at home, the first thing I did was to put the apple onto the table. I cleaned it with a towel. Oh, how nice it looked! It was a pleasure to see it, in the middle of the table. Now its surface seemed to gleam.

I sat at one side of the table. I changed sides to see the glowing apple from the other side. I was sitting there for about half an hour, looking at the apple in the middle of the table. I didn’t want to touch the apple, but only look at it.

After a while, sitting at the table, I got hungry, real hungry. One last glance at the apple and I took  it with my right hand, and the first enormous bite split it into two halves. A few moments later, the apple was gone.


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